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    Front Page Featured Content


    • Fall colours near Grant Hall
      Fall Preview

      Explore Queen’s campus with fall term in full swing! Chat with professors and current students, check out residence, and sample the food in the dining hall.

    • Classroom
      Prepping for first year at Queen’s!

      The First Year Foundation program includes webinars, a mini-course, weekly online social activities, and one-on-one peer mentoring. 

    • Students being tutored
      Connecting first- & upper-year students

      Registration is open for the Q Success first-year peer mentoring program. Incoming students can choose an upper-year mentor who will meet with them weekly throughout first year to provide tips, advice and support. 


    Molecular bonds shown via illustration.
    Transformational Research

    Dr. Cathleen Crudden explains how cutting-edge chemistry could preserve metals against deterioration.